Learn Breakdance

The popularity of break dancing has swept all over the world since it was introduced in the early 70s by African Americans in the Bronx. There are annual, national, regional and local competitions for break dance which draws thousands of young people to learn this amazing dance style. It is a dance that combines creativity, power, and agility that never fails to attract audience. Even adults are interested to learn break dance since it is challenging and artistic. However, there is a need to be cautious in learning the steps all by yourself since the moves have to be executed properly to minimize risk.

In order to learn break dance properly, it is advisable to watch break dancers first by going to a live street dance competition or browsing the internet. It is exciting to watch a live competition where crews would try to outperform one another. Unique moves are combined with the fundamental steps to produce a more creative rendition. The movie “You got Served” demonstrates how competitions are held between crews.

If time is a constraint to learn break dance, one can browse videos on the internet. There are many online ‘learn breakdance” videos or classes which one can sign up with. Some of the popular learn break dance classes charge a fee for their lessons since the instructors are professional break dancers. It is also possible to browse the website’s curriculum to have an idea of the fundamental steps that would be taught.

Upon paying the fees, one is immediately signed-up for an online class where there is no waiting time. The only important thing to prepare is enough space to practice the steps and comfortable clothing that would fit the dance. Usually, these learn break dance online schools give proper advise before starting a program with them. Another way of learning break dance is by reenrolling in a local dance studio near your place. It is convenient to attend classes when the studio is close to your home; moreover, learning break dance in a dance studio assures you that you would be personally monitored by an instructor.

If this doesn’t fit your time, it is also possible to watch free videos to learn break dance. Hundreds of videos are found online to teach you how to break dance, some of them are even a series of video tutorials. In short, there are many ways to learn breakdance and all you need is determination.