Fun, Interesting Face Painting Ideas

Are you planning on doing some face painting for your child’s birthday party? If so, you will most likely be the hit of the party! However, instead of only being able to do simple balloons and cat faces, why not try to think of some fun and interesting face painting ideas? If you can do some of the more intricate and cool face painting designs, you will definitely make your child’s party a hit!

Where To Look For Face Painting Ideas

There are a couple different ways you can find great face painting ideas. First, look online or in your local book store for a face painting how to book. In most cases, you will have better luck looking online for this type of book. Try a large book supplier to find the most selection of face painting idea books. Chances are you will be able to find a how to book to help you do some of the more intricate face painting designs out there. In addition, you will also be able to find some fresh face painting ideas. You will always have kids asking for the traditional face painting ideas like stars and balloons, but if you learn some of the more interesting face painting ideas, you can suggest really great options to the children.

Other Face Painting Ideas

If you cannot get the hang of the face painting ideas using the information from the face painting books, you can always hire someone to do the face painting for you. Face painting can be time consuming and difficult, and if you already have the stress of planning the party you might want to pass that buck to someone else. There are a couple different types of people you can hire to do the face painting for you. The first is a clown. A clown usually comes prepared to face paint and can range from a low hundred dollars to a few hundred dollars for the party. However, many children are afraid of clowns, and other children just think that clowns are for babies and get too embarrassed to enjoy themselves.

Another idea is to hire a local tattoo artist. This may seem a bit crazy, but it really is not! A tattoo artist is just that—an artist. He or she will know exactly how to paint beautiful pieces of art on the children’s faces. In addition, a tattoo artist will be able to offer many more face painting ideas than a clown will be able to. In fact, he or she can be great for any occasion including Halloween face painting and birthday party face painting.

Whatever you decide to do, your child will thank you!